GCE participants in Kabul developed two electronic magazines TANHA (“Exclusive”) and MASHAL OMEED (“Light of hope”). Presentation of magazines was dedicated to the International Women’s Day celebration. Magazine developing groups were composed of students of GCE ILC Kabul and Mariam Girls School GCE computer training center, who are also active members and participants of the human rights youth club programs.
The magazines are in Dari language and cover broad topics that are of interest to the youth and cover social, cultural and economical issues.

“MSHAL OMEED” includes a number of interesting materials on broad range of topics, such as computers technology and internet; geography (about Great Britain); healthy nutrition and it’s importance; as well as interview with popular young afghan star singer Sakhib Hamdard and an interview with student representative Zuhra; Some other topics also included history of cinema; banking system; importance of recording people’s birth dates (the seventh article of UN child rights convention: each child has the right to have ID of his nationality), and other; The editing committee’s e-m address: Mashal_omeed@ayhoo.com

“TANHA” magazine covers following topics: viruses and their influence on human health; honesty and it’s importance; climate and weather (occurrences such as the Sun changing its colors; and wind formation); human reproductive health; importance of human rights; as well as an article in the memory of Sayed Mustafa Kazimi (head of economic department of parliament, who was assassinated in recent Baglan suicide attack in the North of Afghanistan). The magazines editing committee’s e-mail address: tanha.magazine@yahoo.com